Lotus Lessons: Prints

Lotus Lessons. www.thelotustrail.comA: If wearing prints is not your thing, then don’t feel forced to wear them. Maybe you look spectacular in some bright solid colors. Wear what speaks to you!

printed skirt. www.thelotustrail.com

You can also try wearing prints on the bottom half. A great printed skirt or pants can be a little less intimidating to wear.

printed accessories. www.thelotustrail.com

And, what about getting a printed purse or wallet? I LOVE doing prints in my bags, notebooks, coin purses, etc….

Here are examples of my journals, organizers, and wallet.  Do prints in your own way!


{Skirt: Fleet Collection c/o  //  Organizer & Wallet: Fossil}

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For Your Suede Shoes

i recommend a suede brush. www.thelotustrail.com

Guys, if you have a thing for suede shoes like I do, then you’ll know how hard it is to keep them clean. Suede shoes attract dirt very easily, and although I do like the look of a lived-in shoe, sometimes they end up looking a bit more disheveled than we want.

I love these salmon suede flats, but I noticed they quickly got dirty, especially on the right, back heel. I was so perplexed for a while until I realized that it was from driving!


I decided to try out this suede brush from Aldo ($9.99) and it worked out great. The bristled side is for the heavy brushing, and the buffer side is to smooth out the surface.

image(1)So here’s the before and after:

image(3)image(2)I think this tool is a keeper.

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Tips on Shopping for Your Wish-List

fall plaid. www.thelotustrail.comLet me tell you Ladies, I’ve worn this skirt like, 12 times since I bought it a few weeks ago. It’s just one of those pieces that fills so many gaps in my wardrobe.

One of the best things to do when building a wardrobe you’ll love is to identify those key things that are missing in your closet. I told many of you already in this summer’s fashion e-camp (which by the way, I miss ALL of you!), that it is crucial to keep that special item in mind when you go shopping. Otherwise, we end up coming home with things that caught our eye but may not necessarily work well with what we really have. Here are some tips that may be helpful to you:

Keep a list near your closet - Do you ever think to yourself, “If only I had a blue scarf, this outfit would be perfect!” Well, that blue scarf should go right on your list of things to look out for in the coming months. Write down those items that will complete an outfit or just make it look more pulled together so you won’t forget them.

When you go shopping, only look for those items – This one is hard. Especially when you walk into your favorite store and see 23 other things that you would just love to have instead. But trust me, it is better to stay focused on what you really need. Go into stores with a very critical eye (and resist the urge to try other things on!).

Don’t get frustrated if you can’t find it the first time around – There have been plenty of instances where I left stores empy-handed, tired, and frustrated because I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Having this feeling is definitely okay! What we don’t want is for you to give up, and just settle with purchasing something you don’t need. Just tell yourself that there are plenty more opportunities to look. Be patient, and you will soon find it.

Try shopping in stores you normally wouldn’t go into - Sometimes I am surprised at how often I find things in stores I wouldn’t normally shop at. Be open to going into these because you may just find what you are looking for! It can be helpful to go into unfamiliar territory, so that you are more focused on that key item.

Never compromise on fit, size, or color – Let me tell you how specific I was about this skirt. I was looking for a black, a-line, knee-length skirt with belt-loops. 4 criteria that I would not give up on! And in the process of looking for one, I did find many that came close but there was always something missing for me – one was too short, one wasn’t flared out enough, one didn’t fit right…. And I am so glad that I waited until I found a match (sounds like husband-searching? haha. You’ll get there, :) Point is, keep your standards high and don’t settle for less. You know what that item needs to look and feel like on you, so trust yourself and give it some time!

Hope these tips help you find your wish-list items! Good luck, girls!

fall plaid. www.thelotustrail.com

fall plaid. www.thelotustrail.comOutfit details: Top: Gap  //  Skirt: Zara  //  Heels: Chinese Laundry (via Macy’s)  //  Purse: Fossil  //  Belt: Target

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Lotus Letter: Keep It Up

LotusLetters_TheLotusTrailDear Little Lotus,

Happy October! So many fun images I’m seeing on Insta – cute mugs, sweaters, and ofcourse, pumpkin-spiced everything.

I bought some Pumpkin spiced coffee at Trader Joes the other day which I couldn’t wait to try, but it just seems like it’s not quite time yet. (Last weekend was over 100 degrees :/) Still waiting for the leaves to fall over here in SoCal…

But whether Fall has already arrived for you, I just can’t help but think about the few months ahead. Soon the pumpkin patches will be replaced with Christmas trees and it will seem like the last few months of the year just flew by. :/

Think about it, you only have 3 more months until you come up with a New Years resolution!

In the meantime, I hope you’re continuing your studies with as much flame and guster as when you started. Don’t slow the pace. Stay on track to being the best student you can possibly be. (And be careful with those cozy knits and sweatpants. I know how it can make a girl feel all too comfy).

Keep it up, friends!



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Sometimes All You Need Is

Ankle Boots www.thelotustrail.com…ANKLE BOOTS!

These babies are going on 3 years now and they’re still the most comfy things ever. Have you been looking for your fall boots yet?

Ankle Boots www.thelotustrail.com

**Cheesy smile alert! ** (Kyle was making me laugh during this photo shoot).

Ankle Boots www.thelotustrail.comHappy Friday, Friends!

Outfit details:  Top: Loft  //  Jeans: Banana Republic Outlet  //  Boots: Kenneth Cole  //  Purse: Goodwill


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