For Soft, Moisterized Hands…

Who remembers this product??

This totally takes me back to my childhood. My mom would have this by her bedside at all times, but to tell you the truth, I never knew what it was for. I remember thinking it was some sort of shoe polish or something!

But no my friends, it’s one of the best creams I know for those dry, winter hands that we know so well. I’m warning you though, it DOES NOT smell like peaches and cream.

I can’t quite identify the scent, so I recommend only using it at night before you go to bed… Your hands will immediately improve within one or two days!

I found it at CVS for under $2, but you can also get it at Walmart. Hope it helps ya! Thanks for reading ;)

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Lotus Letter: Holiday Greetings!

LotusLetters_TheLotusTrailDear Little Lotus,

Happy December! How exciting it is that we only have a few weeks left until Christmas. It’s my favorite time of year; yours too I’m sure.

I’m thinking of a particular little lotus all the way in Illinois, hoping that she will have another white Christmas. Lucky for you if you do! I can’t remember the last time I saw snow, perhaps several years ago when I was driving to visit my family up in the desert. The mountains looked so beautiful (and the roads were a tad scary to drive on…) but you’re no stranger to cold weather. Unlike us Californians.. Have you seen this hilarious video? So true, right? lol ;)

What does one wear when it’s icy cold outside?

My newfound trick has been to layer different textures together. Warm knits, faux furs, velvet details, crocheted scarves…. Throw in all these elements in an outfit to instantly snazz it up.  And don’t forget to wear the appropriate footwear (I just saw a girl wearing socks with her flip flops :/ and it’s raining outside…) #CLUELESS

But above all, be sure to wear your best smile and your joyful heart. These always make you shine a little brighter.

Stay warm and jolly this holiday season!

BIG hug,




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Rainy Day Hat

I know, I know. It’s been waaaaay too long since I’ve posted here! Miss you guys, and hope you are doing wonderful!

Thanksgiving was so fun – I had my family over and we ate and watched Twilight Zone all day :). Just got back from doing a little decoration shopping at Michaels (yay!). I bought 2 bags of those scented pine cones, so my apt. smells AMAZING. Can’t believe it’s already Christmas season!

It rained alot today. And whenever it rains I always wear a hat. Mostly to keep the rain off of my glasses! Hahah. (Although, hats are one of those instantly chic items.) These boots I got at Aldo about a year ago, but I am wearing them so much more this season. I don’t know why that happens… They are so comfy and warm!

Wishing you guys a safe and fun week!

Outfit details: Hat: Anthropologie  //  Sweater: Anthropologie  // Jeans: Forever 21  //  Boots: Aldo

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Lotus Lessons: Prints

Lotus Lessons. www.thelotustrail.comA: If wearing prints is not your thing, then don’t feel forced to wear them. Maybe you look spectacular in some bright solid colors. Wear what speaks to you!

printed skirt.

You can also try wearing prints on the bottom half. A great printed skirt or pants can be a little less intimidating to wear.

printed accessories.

And, what about getting a printed purse or wallet? I LOVE doing prints in my bags, notebooks, coin purses, etc….

Here are examples of my journals, organizers, and wallet.  Do prints in your own way!


{Skirt: Fleet Collection c/o  //  Organizer & Wallet: Fossil}

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For Your Suede Shoes

i recommend a suede brush.

Guys, if you have a thing for suede shoes like I do, then you’ll know how hard it is to keep them clean. Suede shoes attract dirt very easily, and although I do like the look of a lived-in shoe, sometimes they end up looking a bit more disheveled than we want.

I love these salmon suede flats, but I noticed they quickly got dirty, especially on the right, back heel. I was so perplexed for a while until I realized that it was from driving!


I decided to try out this suede brush from Aldo ($9.99) and it worked out great. The bristled side is for the heavy brushing, and the buffer side is to smooth out the surface.

image(1)So here’s the before and after:

image(3)image(2)I think this tool is a keeper.

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